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Revving Up Anticipation: royal enfield bobber 350 Motorcycles

The storied Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is soon adding two much-anticipated bobber-style motorcycles to its portfolio. With the SG650 Concept Bobber, based on the 650cc platform, and the Vintage royal enfield bobber 350, powered by a 349cc engine, Royal Enfield aims to provide aficionados with a blend of vintage design and cutting-edge engineering.

The sensation of riding a bobber will be redefined by these forthcoming models, which capture the spirit of classic elegance and distinctive riding. We examine the excitement surrounding these newest members of the Royal Enfield family.

Will there be Royal Enfield bobber?

There will be a Royal Enfield bobber, that is true. Royal Enfield has exciting plans to release not just one, but two different bobber-style motorcycles. The SG650 Concept Bobber comes first.

Royal Enfield presented this gorgeous bobber-style motorcycle during the 2021 EICMA auto show in Milan, Italy. The Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 use the same 650cc architecture as the SG650 Concept Bobber. demonstrating Royal Enfield’s dedication to growing its product line.

Although the 650cc engine is still present, the bobber-style styling and features make it unique. The Shotgun 650 Bobber concept bike offers a good preview of what the final product will look like.

It is believed that the Shotgun 650 Bobber will enter the Indian market. With a planned release date of late 2023 or early 2024. This introduction offers a distinctive fusion of vintage design and contemporary engineering. Is guaranteed to capture the hearts of bobber aficionados and Royal Enfield fans alike.

Additionally, a second motorbike in the bobber form that will be built on the Classic 350 is in the works. The Classic royal enfield bobber 350 is likely to be the name of this fascinating model.

It will be positioned above the Classic 350 in the Royal Enfield portfolio thanks to its 349cc BS6 engine. It will consequently become the most expensive 350cc Royal Enfield motorbike built on the J-platform.

In March 2024, the Classic 350 Bobber will be available in India for enthusiasts to purchase. This motorbike aims to give riders a distinctive and appealing option in the 350cc category. By fusing the classic attractiveness of Royal Enfield’s Classic series with the distinctive bobber appearance.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber

Pratyush Rout, their rendering artist, created a vision of artistry with the Royal Enfield Classic royal enfield bobber 350. Creating a bobber requires careful planning, leaving nothing to chance to capture the essence of this distinctive aesthetic.

The representation notably differs from the Classic 350 in its original form. It reduces ground clearance to offer riders the desired low-slung riding position and extends the wheelbase to achieve the characteristic bobber look.

A single seat with a leather covering and coil spring suspension completes the motorcycle’s overall aesthetic. The handlebar is raised for a more comfortable grip.

Design and Features

The Royal Enfield Classic royal enfield bobber 350 Render’s design is evidence of the company’s dedication to aesthetics. Its Vintage Red colour evokes the vintage Royal Enfield motorcycles and emanates a charming old-world charm.

In contrast to the Classic 350 cruiser, this motorcycle has a sculpted metallic gasoline tank. That is essential to retaining its authentic bobber appearance. The bike also has black bar-end rearview mirrors that give it a more upscale appearance.

The Classic 350 Bobber render further emphasizes its athletic appeal with a black-out finish in the engine compartment. The small yet effective side body panels balance the bike’s overall appearance. This magnificent bobber receives a final flourish of panache with its exhaust tip coated in chrome.

The bike adopts the traditional Royal Enfield appearance, with round headlights and taillights that have chrome surrounds. The instrument cluster and circular indicators complete the retro appearance.

The 2023 royal enfield bobber 350 includes the tripper display, offering navigation and phone connectivity. A feature that contemporary riders will appreciate.

Engian power and new fetures 

The Classic 350 Bobber render’s stunning façade conceals the 349 cc J-Series powerful engine from the Classic 350 cruiser. This engine promises an exhilarating riding experience with 20.2 horsepower of power at 6100 RPM and 27 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM.

The weight of the motorcycle is still unknown with certainty. But it is most likely to be close to the 195 kg of the Classic royal enfield bobber 350 cruisers. To preserve the vintage look and feel, the Bobber rendering retains the front and rear spoked wheels. Additionally, it enhances safety by adding dual-channel ABS to the front and rear disc brakes.

The Classic 350 Bobber render maintains the bobber legacy by having smaller tyres both up front and in back. This choice fits with the bobber’s distinctive riding and look.

Given all these modifications and improvements, it is reasonable to assume that the Classic 350 Bobber render will cost about Rs 30,000 more than the Classic 350.

Royal enfield bobber 350 price

Although the royal enfield bobber 350 precise cost is still unknown, there is a lot of discussion surrounding its affordability. It makes sense to anticipate a higher price point compared. To the Classic 350 given the potential upgrades and design changes seen in the render. However, the distinctive bobber appearance and improved amenities more than makeup for this price difference.

According to numerous speculations, the royal enfield bobber 350 could be introduced in 2023. Motorcycle aficionados all over the world will surely be in for a treat. if the production model closely approaches Pratyush Rout’s compelling concept.


For riders who value the bobber style’s classic appeal, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber is an exciting proposition. motorbike is poiseing to the continued heritage of Royal Enfield’s classic motorcycles. By carving out a particular place in riders’ hearts with its distinctive design elements. Improved functionality, and the promise of a great riding experience.

Classic 350 Bobber model gives us a tantalising preview of what’s to come while we wait impatiently for its formal launch. Igniting interest and excitement among aficionados everywhere.